I am Sander, a digital designer with a focus on UX design.
Daily life, both on- as offline, is being defined by user experiences which we work, live, relax and exercise with. If something works (as expected) you’re happy, if not it must be the ‘UX’, and you probably won’t use it for a very long time.
And that’s where the challenge (or addiction) is to look at everything like this. Almost everything then.
Wondering why the button of the horn of my bike sits just under the blinker switch, after honking already 3 times when turning left. Or how a very well thought-out app helps you to get your money back after having paid lunch for 6. This also goes for the visual design, because the impact can have similar influence on a clear and usable design or something unusable for your target group. I approach projects with an open mind always with main focus on the user.

In this approach I can’t deny my Rotterdam mentality; with sleeves rolled up tackling issues to improve those products or that service.
I’m spontanious, direct and will in any case be positively critical to reach set targets, an amazing final product. Also by deploying my creativity, skills and experience, gained at both large businesses as startups.
I worked on projects for clients including BinckBank, Bijenkorf, Fashioncheque, Holland Casino, Prenatal and Upinion.

Questions or want to know more? Contact me or of check LinkedIn.