Upinion Chatbot

Real-time egangement via messaging apps

Upinion Chatbot

Real-time egangement via messaging apps


Upinion is a (market) research tech platform that gives you access to a larger public then any other platform via mobile and social messaging. You reach your target group anywhere, any time to get the insights you need.
Upinion works together or is used by Leiden Univerity, World Health Organization and Oxfam Novib.


Create a chatbot on a chatservice with a large audience to increase the reach and impact of our research.


Concept, strategy, UX and UI/visual design

Why a Messenger chatbot?

1,3 billion

users on Messenger

300.000 +

Chatbots on Messenger

8 billion

messages sent between businesses and users

Bron: F8 2018

As the figures show the user engagement of Messenger is very high. Besides that the Messenger app is installed in most cases. And that’s what we aim at.

Using a Messenger chatbot is an easy and straight forward way of having conversations with a target group. It works seamless with Facebook Ads so conversations can be started with a single click, and answers and feedback will pour in.

Goal of the chatbot

  • ¬†Increase the amount of completes of respondents
  • ¬†Higher retention: follow-up of questions in an ongoing conversation



In design sprints we set the requirements with the team that consist of a productowner, developers en devOps. Because the chatbot will work on the Messenger platform most parts of the UI and specs are already fixed. Besides that some things are harder to control on a third party platform.

Because we wanted to develop a chatbot that would be complete and meets our standards and the user experience of our other Upinion tools, we had to look for a way to be able to implement all the question types. Webviews were the solution.
We used the in-app solutions Messenger offered as much as possible because users are already familiar with them. For the other question types we created webviews to have research that meets all the requirements of our clients.


In different design sprints en iterations with low fidelity wireframes I created a set of high fidelity interactive wireframes in Invision for collab with the team. These were the basis for the development team to create the technical design on.


The final product


is the average that started
after clicking on the Facebook ad


completed the conversation
(complete questionnaire)


of the participants wants to receive more questions